HE WHO CHOOSETH: “Mastering Lifestyle Decisions”- A Review


As I continue to grow in my entrepreneurial journey, attending events for exposure, professional development, and networking has become essential. Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the HE WHO CHOOSETH brunch and panel discussion, which focused on “Mastering Decision Making.”

HE WHO CHOOSETH is a unique public speaking panel that revolves around faith-based principles, curated by its founder, Alex, with the aim of inspiring and uplifting individuals.

Finding Stability in “God’s Direction”

During the event, Alex was vulnerable enough to share her personal journey to the audience. Including her trials, rejections, and her transformative encounter with God, which led to the creation of this platform. She emphasized finding stability in “God’s direction” after the journey of seeking happiness in people, jobs, and relationships. I applaud Alex for giving us a glimpse into her world, displaying that the ebbs and flow of life gives us the revelations that’s needed.

Empowering Authenticity and Transparency

The panel discussion was a refreshing display of authenticity and transparency, offering valuable insights for those navigating their careers, entrepreneurship, and faith journeys. Listening to their perspectives provided the understanding that while life may throw us lemons, it’s the quality of the lemonade we make that truly defines our power and resilience.

Embracing Life’s Journey

Overtime, I’ve learned that life transitions especially in entrepreneurship, are more about the journey and learning to navigate trials and tribulations. It’s about understanding and gaining knowledge, rather than dwelling on why things happen or why plans fail. Everything falls into place as it should, with both good and bad serving their purpose.

Overcoming Fear and Gaining Momentum

One of the most impactful moments was during the Q&A session, Michelle Valorae encouraged attendees to “DO IT SCARED,” addressing how to move past fear to gain momentum. Ashley Silva, from Love and Marriage, suggested entrepreneurs acknowledge and embrace the cocoon phase. Recognizing it as vital preparation in their journey, emphasizing the transformative power of thorough preparation in business.

Prioritizing Mental Health

The discussion on mental health was particularly intriguing, as I realized I needed to change how I handled things as I unlocked new levels in my life. The tactics that once worked, are no longer as effective in my current reality. Each panelist shared their personal relationship with God, emphasizing the importance of daily routines and habits. TV star Winter Harris urged attendees to prioritize therapy, highlighting its transformative potential to change lives. 

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Power of Partnership

Power couple Kyle and VaShonda Arrington playfulness and authenticity were admirable. They showed clear respect for each other’s roles in their marriage, supporting each other through tough questions and vulnerable answers. Their use of love, knowledge, mindset and determination grounded their relationship keeping God first, making them the powerful couple. This was a highlight for me, showing the importance of partnership in personal and romantic growth.

Networking and Community Building

The event, held at Sobe Restaurant and Lounge, provided an opportunity to mix, mingle, and network. I had the pleasure of meeting many inspiring individuals at the event, and being surrounded by like minded people was truly exhilarating. The ambiance, coupled with delicious brunch and cocktails served by staff was an unforgettable vibe. 

Are You Committed To Unlocking Your Potential?

Insights from Brave Williams, understanding the preparation season consists of DOING THE WORK!

Check Out Visuals From The Event Taken By Kapturebykasper

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