This Company Is Making Wire Bra’s For Girls With Big Boobs


For many women that when it comes to bras shopping choices are limited. Finding the right fit and support can be almost impossible for those above a size D. Just take a look at the comment section on your favorite lingerie brands social media. The girls need cute bras in bigger cup sizes. They want them wire free! They want support! And you want it now!

Well you got it!

Finally! A company created specifically for the D+ girl. Keep in mind, D+ doesn’t mean plus size. I happen to be a 32DD and 115 pounds. Im small, but way excited about wire-free bras in my size.

The company MINDD is run by Helena Kaylin, a veteran apparel and intimates industry expert,Her debut line – The For Life Collection – is introducing the first bras designed using MINDD Tech, the brand’s very own innovative fit technology system.

She asked women what they wanted and got to work.

Helena didn’t just meeting start making bras for the well endowed all willy nilly. She put in the work to meet face-to-face with more than 100 D+ women. She started by asking questions and their bra experiences. This feed back is what she used to create the design and technology behind MINDD products.

“One piece of feedback that came through consistently was that D+ shoppers wanted the comfort that came with a wireless bra, but didn’t feel wireless bras on the market were designed with them in mind,” stated Kaylin.

“Despite the fact that there are so many bra companies out there, these women felt that when it came to their D+ options, they had to either forego comfort by choosing a wire bra, or sacrifice style, typically resorting to a sports bra that, while functional, didn’t make them feel beautiful.”

Mindd Bra

Women Aren’t Buying The Right Sizes

A widely reported statistic states that approximately 80% of women are buying the wrong bra size. Helena believes this is largely due to the lack of bras available that work regardless of all the changes that our breasts go through during month.

From day to day our breasts can fluctuate for a number of reasons, including stress, menstrual cycle, fatigue, etc.

It’s A Collage Of The Best Materials

Leveraging the invaluable design insight and experience she gathered over the course of her career, she also explored various fabrics and textures women wear every day. Each textile serves a specific purpose, whether that’s comfort, support, or style. MINDD™ Tech also identified seven specific lift zones in the design of MINDD bras, ensuring each area naturally adjusts to each users’ body.

“I created my first prototype by cutting up and combining a handful of unexpected everyday materials, with the aim of addressing the pain points that I knew a D+ consumer experiences,” she stated. “This included everything from fishnet, which easily adjusts and breathes even when our shape fluctuates, to spandex from my favorite shapewear, knowing this material makes me feel fully supported. The final product certainly wasn’t the prettiest, but this exercise ultimately helped me create the technology applied to MINDD bras today.”

All MINDD bras are wire free, and specifically designed to accommodate D+ sizes ranging from 28D – 42E / F. Which is perfect for us smaller women who usually get left out of the larger cup bra styles.

The For Life Lace Collection will retail at $68 and will be offered in three colors – Black Onyx, Champagne and Red Flame. MINDD is committed to sustainability and reducing waste, including the use of wires, glues, foams, and other non-textile materials. The brand also plans to release an additional intimates line later this spring.

MINDD Bra Company products are available exclusively for retail at

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