Millennials Are Creating The Future Of “Wellness Luxury” Through Lifestyle Living


Wellness has become a luxury lifestyle to be enjoyed and flaunted by millennials. The concept of wellness is considered “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.” There are four aspects most tend to focus on when it comes down to living a lifestyle of luxury wellness. These four consist of healthy eating, self care , travel and fitness. Stay for awhile as I break them down in details!

Healthy eating- We all know the saying “health is wealth” and honestly what we put into our bodies matters the most. When considering lifestyle living , learning to listen to your body and its needs with intuitive eating. Remembering moderation is key, such as eating foods that leave your body dehydrated and in dangers of health issues. Still enjoying our favorite foods but consuming better ingredients, for example swapping out white flour for a least processed option like wheat, almond, splent or chickpea flour. Making health conscious decisions a daily routine so our bodies can thrive better and live longer. Finding the balance with food habits and honoring the body is pure essence. 

Self Care- Let’s just say “LESS IS MORE” taking time for self should be top priority. Creating daily routine to keep centered and balanced mentally, emotionally and spiritually is a must. Examples like meditation, prayer, journaling or a morning walk as a daily practices. I always tell people all these habits work hand and hand for success. The rise of lounging around even coworking from the spa has been top teir for millennials over the last two years. I guess it’s safe to say self care is pure luxury at our finger tips. 

Travel- Luxury travel is in a high demand that most millennials want to experience. Not only are exotic islands a must but travel experiences that are transformational and empowering are sweeping people off their feet. The balance of life and our mental health is so important, any chance we get to sit in the moment of peace and solitude is appreciated. Why not do this overlooking the sky’s and waters with the sun gazing over your face taking in that good vitamin D increasing our happy hormones. So the next time your on vacation carve out that personal time to self reflect and live in the moment. Also, see what experiences the island or country has to offer to your wellness journey making it life changing and rememberable. Another aspect of transforming experiences can include retreats ranging from all sectors, spiritual, fitness, women’s , holistic, and much more. Never put a limit on what luxury travel means to you, where it can start as simple as a staycation resort in your city with your phone on DND. 

FitnessThe idea of fitness has been redefining over the last two years. During the pandemic the regular gym rats had to pivot workouts, and people at home with time on their hands became newbies to the fitness world. Physical exercise is the most important thing we can do for our overall health. As we know this isn’t a one size fit all industry, but seeing what best works for us is a must. Are you the person who thrives off high intensity workouts or do you like to keep it cute with low impact like Pilates? Either way there’s something out here that’ll help prioritize your physical movement. Now as we look deeper into the “WHY” I can give you 5 reasons. It makes you feel happier( happy hormones increases through physical activity), aids in weight management(losing or maintaining), increases energy levels(why not be on a natural high all day), mental health( important to maintain a good mood), last but most importantly your overall health(preventing medical issues). As the luxury of fitness continues to grow in numbers millennials have made it a point to build community along the journey. Enjoying Gym dates as much as going out on a Friday night have become top teir. Incorporating physical activity can start at home, let YouTube University be your BFF for home workouts, take a long walk and enjoy the views, bike ride down a trail listening to your favorite tunes. Define what fitness mean to you and create a lifestyle to enjoy. 

Creating a lifestyle of wellness can be a luxurious living within arms reach. With the effort of having deep understanding of self and a overhaul mindset shift this lifestyle is limitless. Lifestyle change is a long term success, it’s staying ready so you never have to get ready. Making daily changes are small wins, cheers to living a lifestyle of wellness luxury.

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