Do men want a submissive woman?

They say they want submission, but is it true?

We asked men their opinions on women being submissive in a relationship. Often a debate when brought up for discussion, this topic usually has biblical undertones behind each point of view. Surprisingly, neither guy went the route we expected. Take a look at what they had to say.

Question: Do men want a submissive woman?

Guy #1: Yes and no, because even in the desired submission men still want a woman that can be strong. Although, many will not admit it because after all submission to many is a sign of weakness, I personally think that if he is a man of integrity and if she is submissive woman with a mind to work with her man. It is important that she not only be there to maintain the relationship but to also to build foundation in which they can build and help their families and others. – Garret Pierre,

Guy #2: Men definitely want a submissive woman! But not too submissive! Men need to have a feeling of masculinity but also know that his woman turn the switch on at any given time to ensure that things are in order of need be! A genuine submissive woman can get a honest and true love reciprocated in ways she could never imagine! And men actually want to be the knight in shining armor but only to the correct woman! – Desmond Hamilton,

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