What does the inside of a vagina feel like?

We asked .. and they answered. A mans take on what a vagina feels like.

This week we asked men what the inside of a vagina feels like. The responses were interesting to say the least. It’s always a bit of fun hearing what our volunteer representatives of the male species have to say but this one took the cake.

Question: What does it really feel like in there?

Guy #1 : A lady’s vagina is is like an oven with a tight, wet electric blanket surrounding it…wrapping the penis and gripping it tight (yet giving room to move). Using fingers, one can feel the ribbed section near the G-spot, the silky smooth walls and the entry to the cervix. The woman’s vagina is like a combination lock that needs to be worked out. It requires gentle caressing, finger penetration, oral stimulation and penal penetration (or some combination thereof). A woman’s natural lubrication is released as she’s pleased, but other lubrications help to start the process. A wet vagina that becomes engorged opens and allows the penis to easily penetrate. The deeper the man penetrates the vagina, the more pleasurable it is for both parties. Hard and deep thrusting, with a tight vagina leads to more pleasurable orgasms for both the man and lady.

Guy # 2 : The feeling differs not only on weather a condom is used vs no condom, and then the feeling depends on how wet she is, right or loose may depend on how big or small the guy is, after that comes if she throwing it and rolling on it and trying to break him off vs laying there not doing much, when a man says she has some good Psy, what means is, the overall experience was good, kissing, moans, head and game, if she’s aggressive and goes for what she wants, all of that is the “feeling” inside.

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen.. The men have spoken!

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