Why CBD Lube Is More Than Just A Fun Treat

It can make things a whole lot more relaxed.. if you know what I mean
CBD lubricants are great for a myriad of uses from recreational to therapeutic. By nature it is inflammatory, which can be very beneficial for those who suffer with pain during sex due to past trauma or even just a round of rough sex leading to vaginitis, which is the swelling of the vaginal tissues. Using CBD may help calm the tissues and expedite recovery while allowing you to still enjoy sex with your partner. Something that was previously hard to achieve.
For those who suffer from vaginismus, a condition that causes the vaginal muscles to contract making sex painful or near impossible, CBD may help calm anxiety and relax muscles to make intercourse more enjoyable. In cases where the condition is more mental, it can he used in partnership with therapy to overcome the fears and anxiety that comes with Sex.
Even if you have no medical reason for using CBD lubricant, you can still enjoy! We all naturally have thousands of CBD receptors in and on our genitals that can increase pleasure and create an entirely new experience for you and your partner. Simply put, it feels good in a way that regular lube just can’t replicate. 
CBD unlike THC is not psychoactive, meaning you wont be “high” or feel inebriated while using them. You may however, feel a sense of euphoria and vastly reduced anxiety and stress while using them.
CBD is rapidly becoming a source of comfort and relaxation for many because it works without making you feel inebriated. For those who want the calm without the high, this is a great alternative to THC Lubes. When you can feel great and still function like normal, it allows you to use it at any time, and still be able to continue your day. It’s perfect for a little afternoon delight, or even a mid-day quickie. This means great things for sexual wellness.

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