How To Enjoy The Well Endowed Man


It’s often said bigger is better when it comes to the size of a mans penis. While for many this may be the key to a fulfilling sex life, for others it may be the cause of frustration and a less than stellar sexual experience.

Not everyone is primed and ready to take on an anaconda. There are a few trick of the trade that need to be shared so that more women can embrace our brothers with a little extra to give.

Here are 5 tips for taking on a Titan, listen up.

1. Work your way up!

The vagina has the capacity to hold a lot more than we think, but it is still a muscle. Going in cold may lead to tearing, and a not so fun experience. Start with fingers, add in a toy or two and work your way up to the main attraction. This will allow your vagina to ease into stretching itself and help prevent injuries.

2. Speak Up!

It’s important to let your partner know if something doesn’t feel right. It is absolutely possible to seriously injure your vagina, cervix and other delicate parts in that area. Know your body and if things become too much let them know. Set clear boundaries and keep the communication open.

3. Give him a head start!

Sometimes it can be tough having extended sessions with a larger member when things are new. Getting him aroused near the point of no return is a great way to extend the length of your experience and shorten the time things may be a bit uncomfortable until your body catches up.

4. Don’t stop till you get enough!

Once you get things going in the right direction, you may feel your discomfort disappear as pleasure takes over. Do not be fooled, shortly after you take a break from getting busy the discomfort may return and you may become sore. This can make it difficult for re-entry, you may even need to take a break for the remainder of the day. To prevent the chances that you will want to continue to enjoy your big man magic yet be unable to, refrain from taking breaks during your lovemaking. Keep it going until your satisfied, just incase your body decides not to re-open.

5. Ice Ice Baby!

Your vagina is a tough cookie, but she can bounce back from betting broken in a lot quicker with your help. Take time to ice down any sore areas after sex. Keep the blood flowing and have your man give a sensual massage shortly after you wind down. If soreness or discomfort persists, continue to ice the area. However, if you feel sharp internal pains, tears or heavy bleeding, it may be time to call the doctor.

So whether you are a pro when it comes to taking it all in, or you have been just too afraid to try, remember these tips when you are faced with a challenging champ. It just may make the difference between a night to remember and a nightmare you’ll want to forget.

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