As many of us know, Hennessy is the world’s best-selling Cognac and the most name dropped alcohol brand in the Hip Hop. As we recognize 50 years of Hip Hop, Hennessy is releasing a Limited-Edition Hennessy V.S bottle. Teaming up with Grammy-Award winning rap legend, Nas. Moreover, this collaboration is celebrating Hip Hop’s different flavors, styles, rhythms and flows, and the “Never stop, Never settle.” energy that embodies everything both Hennessy and Hip Hop do. 

Come July 20, Hennessy and Nas will come together to unveil the commemorative Limited-Edition bottle to the world. An exclusive digital mapping event surrounding Hip Hop culture. Furthermore, as part of the high-energy celebration they will also launch Hennessy AI.bum Covers and an AI-led. Social first experience transforming selfies into personalized album covers based on iconic Hip Hop eras.

The Culture Wins Every Time!

Hennessy and Nas have maintained a meaningful relationship transcending generations and cultures for over a decade. Solidifying Hennessy’s longstanding legacy in Hip Hop. They have been featured in more Hip Hop songs over the years than any other alcohol brand. However, they are undeniably representing the past, present, and future of Hip Hop. Hennessy is uniquely positioned to continue influencing the culture of the genre for the next 50 years with its smooth high end taste.

“It means a lot to me to celebrate this legendary moment in Hip Hop history with Hennessy, a brand that has supported me for over 10 years. “Hennessy is part of our culture and continues to inspire generations of Hip Hop fans, so I’m really proud to share our new Limited-Edition bottle with the world.”


Capturing the spirit of Hip Hop, Nas narrated a film in partnership with Renell Medrano, renowned photographer. Who grew up in the Bronx and takes inspiration from her New York roots. This film serves as Nas love letter to Hip Hop, and will feature imagery of the new Limited-Edition Hennessy V.S Bottle. It’s no surprise that Nas is showing out for this 50th anniversary celebration, the elevation of it is admirable.

Crafted Cocktails Anyone?

Mix up one of these inspired cocktails and cheers 50 years of Hip Hop!

While highlighting Hennessy’s influential role in Hip Hop history, Hennessy’s expert mixologists have crafted three unique cocktails. Pulling in elements of reminiscent Hip Hop flavors, to celebrate Hip Hop 50:  

  • The Big Apple: Hennessy’s homage to the birthplace of Hip Hop and inspired by Nas. The fruity notes of Hennessy V.S compliment the cinnamon apple flavors prominent in the Big Apple cocktail.
  • HenNASsy Honey: A tribute to Hennessy’s partnership with Nas. Hennessy V.S’ complexity reacts well with this cocktail, complimenting the sweetness of the honey while balancing the tartness of the lemon juice.
  • Incredible Hennessy: A new twist on a classic hip hop cocktail. This well-balanced and refreshing cocktail taps into Hennessy’s legacy within Hip Hop and will be immediately recognizable to fans of the brand and the genre.
Hip Hop is a vibration of the people and means something different to each country, state, city, and neighborhood.

Let’s toast to this seminal moment in Hip Hop history with Hennessy!

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