The White Dress Project: Inspiring Fearlessness in Women with Fibroids


In a world where women’s health issues often remain masked in silence, a remarkable conference called “The Empowerment Experience” was held in one of hottest luxurious areas in DC at the Wharf Waterfront. Hosted by “The White Dress Project”, this amazing event aimed to empower women to be fearless in the face of this widespread health condition of “Fibroids”. A weekend celebrating the hope, strength, and unity for those who have been affected by fibroids. Offering a platform for education, research, support, and advocacy. I was fortunate to witness and engage with incredible women who had stories of resilience at this conference.

The White Dress Project: Empowering Women Worldwide

The White Dress Project is an advocacy organization committed to building awareness of uterine fibroids on a global scale. Through education, research, community-building, and advocacy, the organization seeks to provide a voice to women suffering from this chronic illness. Furthermore, create a supportive environment where they can find strength and courage.

The Symbolic White Dress

The White Dress Project journey to empower women with fibroids focus on a seemingly simple yet deeply significant symbol “The White Dress”. For most women with fibroids, heavy bleeding is a common and challenging symptom that makes wearing white clothing a source of discomfort and insecurity. However, The White Dress is a movement! An emblem of hope and courage for women facing the challenges of fibroids. It was an honor to see so many women show up in confidence strutting white, like no health condition existed.

Navigating Dating and Intimacy with Fibroids

One of the highlights of The Empowerment Experience was having the opportunity to be a panelist, discussing dating and intimacy for women battling fibroids. What a time we had that night with myself adding invaluable insights as a relationship coach. Alongside with expert Jenna Perkins talking all things sexual wellness with the ladies. Guest were enlightened about how to navigate these aspects of life with confidence.

The Panel Of Dating Empowerment

Shedding light on the importance of open communication, intimacy alternatives , self acceptance, and building strong connections despite the challenges fibroids may bring. After the discussion, I had the pleasure of hosting an intimate book signing with the group. For my newly released book, “30 Days to Better Dates,” which further empowered women to navigate their romantic lives with confidence and grace.

The EmPOWERment Experience

A Weekend of Empowering Workshops

Most people know, I love a good lunch and learn! I gained so much knowledge during the inspiring luncheon, from fibroid warriors and their stories. The Empowerment Experience also offered a range of workshops covering topics such as healthy lifestyle living and fertility. These workshops provided the knowledge and tools to improve the overall well-being of women and how manage the challenges presented by fibroids. Experts and professionals shared their insights and stories, empowering women to make right decisions about their health and lifestyle.

Continuing Search For A Cure

In line with The White Dress Project’s mission, the event included panel discussions featuring doctors and researchers. Who are actively working towards finding new treatments and cure for fibroids. These discussions highlighted the latest advancements in research and medical breakthroughs, giving attendees hope for a future where fibroids no longer pose a threat to women’s health.

“To All The Women Warriors: Fibroids May Be A Bump In The Road, But Keep Steering Towards Victory!”

Cierra C.

A Night In White Gala: Celebrating In Style

The event was not only empowering but also aesthetically captivating. The organizers Lifestyled curated an elegant ambiance with stunning decor that added to the overall charm of the experience. The elegant “Night in White” gala served as a tribute to true trailblazers of women’s health, honoring them with the Blossom Awards. This special evening celebrated the strength and resilience of women with fibroids, acknowledging their triumphs and inspiring others to stand tall and fearless in the face of adversity. It was truly a celebration of unity and a testament to the power of advocacy and support within the community.

With Style & Grace

To further add excitement to the event, we enjoyed an esteemed fashion show. Presented by local models from Roe:The Agency, showcasing the strength and beauty in all their diversity. The room became the runway, a symbol of empowerment. Models graced the stage and aisles, radiating confidence in all white.

Let’s Highlight The Blossom Awards Warriors

1.) kellee Stewart Egg advocate and award winning fertility advocate- creator of “Egg Shower”, a celebration of fertility and hope. That has led her to a fruitful partnership with the creation of a new category of invitations on Evite. That supports the infertility community and those on the journey to parenthood.

2.) Dr. Ruth Arumala GYN & Cosmetic Surgeon- Turning her pain into purpose, she advocates and educate women dealing with fibroids and fertility. With her expertise, she offers services aligned with the treatment to fibroids and fertility conditions.

3.) Dr. Ayeman AL-Hendy GYN & Researcher- He gives expert care for complex gynecologic conditions. Including uterine fibroids, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, and infertility. Dedicated to researching, to better understand the cause of gynecologic conditions and investigate new treatments that offer improved outcomes and overall quality of life. 

4.) Nycole Jones Celebrity Hair Stylist & Trichologist – Advocating for fibroid awareness and positivity, telling her own story of pregnancy and birth while having fibroids.

5.) Coach Gessie Nutritionist & Health Coach- Fibroid survivor advocating for women’s health through educating and empowering. Through resources, she aims to help heal and prevent health conditions such as fibroids.

A Weekend Full Of Bliss

As a result of attending this event, my admiration and respect for women who bravely endure chronic illnesses like fibroids have reached new heights. Witnessing their strength and has motivated me to consider becoming a patient advocate for fibroids awareness. The power to stand united for the greater cause of women’s health and wellness is empowering and inspiring.

Lastly, as The White Dress Project continues its journey to spread awareness and advocate for better health, it leaves a powerful legacy for women with fibroids around the world. The entire weekend was unforgettable! Filled with information, sisterhood , and a shared vision of fearlessness, leaving everyone inspired and grateful for the transformative experience. Through events like these, global communities can be built and empower women to break all Barriers and fight for change.

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