Malibu Is Launching A New Summer Spritz

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Spring is taking it’s time to get here, but Malibu is bringing us summer times vibes with their new drink Malibu Splash! Yes, this has been a year of many sparkling ready-to-drink malt beverages. I know we are all at the seen it, done it phase, but this is Malibu!

I love Malibu! As a matter of fact, a younger me enjoyed it on the rocks, clean, with a twist of lemon. I treated it like a fine whiskey. Needless to say when I saw they had a new beverage I was all ears.

Here are 3 Reasons you should try Malibu Splash

Malibu Splash Is Perfect for day partying without the day hangover

If you’ve ever tried to day drink, you know that a hangover can be imminent if you don’t pace yourself. Hard liquor is definitely a no-go in the sun. I prefer a spritz. It’s light and refreshing. Tastes great as is and provides much needed relief when your’e sitting outside hanging with friends.

“We know consumers want simple and refreshing tasting drinks for casual occasions with friends,” said Troy Gorczyca, Brand Director, Malibu. “And with Malibu being the #1 most talked about rum brand in summer 2019 and seeing the healthy growth over the last few years, Malibu Splash is a great opportunity for us to bring the refreshing taste of summer that consumers love to a new, innovative product that is easy to enjoy!”

It can go where you go. Even to the pool and the beach.

One of the most frustrating things in summer drinking is having glass bottles for your liquor. It is treated as terrible as smoking. You can’t bring glass to the pool, the river or the beach for safety reasons. Crafted to be sipped straight from the can, Malibu Splash is made-to-chill and ready-to-drink for an instant summertime fun.

You don’t have to know how to mix a good drink

Everyone has that one friend that makes drinks way too strong. This is probably the same friend who has no clue what mixer should go with what liquor. Am I that friend? Maybe.

Malibu Splash is conveniently packaged in 12-ounce slim cans, and it comes in four flavors including Strawberry, Lime, Passion Fruit, and Pineapple. No need to try to create your own concoction. Just ice it down and enjoy. Your friends and their livers will thank you.

Malibu Splash will be sold in 4-packs for an MSRP of $8.99 and in flavor-variety 8-packs for an MSRP of $16.99 with 5% ABV.

“We’re excited to grow our fan base with this ready-to-drink product and bring consumers everywhere a taste of summer, and, a Splash of fun!” said Troy Gorczyca, Brand Director, Malibu.

I cant wait to  crawfish and chill with my people. What a time to be alive.


Malibu Splash. 5% alcohol/volume Malt Based Beverage. ©2020 Pernod Ricard USANew York, NY

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