Vaginal Taste- Your Questions Answered

What should your vagina taste like? I have been getting lots of questions about vaginal taste lately. I feel there must be some confusion and doubts among my sisters and I want to clear it up. I’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions about how you taste down there and laid them out for your eyes to feast and brain to commit to memory. We are not upsetting our vaginas in 2020. Here you go.

1. What should my vagina taste like?

Everyones body is different, what we eat, how much water we drink, our medications and our natural chemical make-up all make a huge difference in the way your vagina tastes. There is no set guide for how a vagina should taste, however there are a few things your vagina should not taste like which may mean that you may need to see a doctor.

2. How can I make my vagina sweeter or taste like fruit? 

Please don’t. Your vagina is not candy, it is not fruit and it should not taste like one. While we may all want to taste like a treat, it’s not safely plausible. A healthy vaginal taste should be your goal.  Unless you have a pungent odor, discharge or irritation, your vagina likely tastes just fine. Avoid the urge to hop on trends and gimmicks like excessive pineapples and yogurt cleanses. Your vagina will thank you!

3. Can I do anything to change the taste? Does water or alcohol change the taste? How about fruits and veggies? Going vegan?

Of course! Your taste can vary based on your diet, how hydrated you are, how well you clean yourself and your overall health. Things you can do to change your taste start with cleansing properly. Your vulva gets tucked away in a dark moist place, making it a prime spot for bacteria growth, sweat and dirt. All of which can taste pretty gross. Meats are additionally acidic and can alter your taste in a less than pleasant way. Vegetables can help add more of an alkaline base to even things out, however be careful to stay away from odor causing vegetables. Things like asparagus, broccoli and onions can change your taste for the worst.

4. Will yoni pearls or douches make me taste better?

No Mam! DO NOT PASS GO! Your vagina, the vaginal canal, does not need your help. It is a self cleaning oven. It is never a good idea to add in soap, or douches. These items disrupt the natural flora of your vagina and makes it easy for bad bacteria to move in and take over. Bacteria and the waste the produce can make you taste pretty bad. On top of that, you can transmit this bacteria to your partner.

5. What parts of my pubic area can I wash? Can I wash my actual vagina?

Yes! For the love of pussy yes! Please wash your vulva. The outer lips of your pubic area sweat and excrete during your day. These things need to be washed away with a mild soap and warm water. Be careful not to get soap inside your vagina. Castille soaps and fragrance free are your best bet. It is a great idea to have a soap specifically for your pubic area and another for your body. I love the Pum Pum soap.

6. I taste pretty bad, should I see a doctor? 

If you have a very bad taste, it is usually partnered with odor, discharge and or irritation, which would all be cause for a trip to the doctor.
On the other hand, if you simply feel you taste unpleasant, a trip wont hurt, talk to your OBGYN, if anything,  they can calm your fears.
Now listen to this last one carefully. If a man thinks you taste bad.. try it for yourself. If you just taste like vagina then its time to have a talk with this “man”.

7. If my boyfriend doesn’t like the way I taste and tells me he doesn’t like it, what should I do?

Don’t panic! Communication is key, discuss how they feel and what about your taste is off putting to them. Go in with open ears and be willing to listen. Most commonly things can be helped with an increase in water intake or a small change in diet. There is also the chance they simply don’t care for the taste of vagina and that is perfectly ok too. If you’re ok with them not ingesting you. Different strokes for different folks.

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