Ride Him Sis – How To Ride A Dick

Riding is more that bouncing up and down, make the most of your time to shine.

So you want to know how to ride a dick.

Being able to ride (a dick, incase you needed me to actually spell it out) is a great tool for a woman to have in her toolkit. Whether you prefer men, women or both, I think we can all agree a woman on top of you is a great thing of beauty. Not only can you get a great orgasm from it, there are plenty of perks that go way past the bedroom. I want you to reap all the benefits and enjoy yourself so I composed 4 tidbits of information to help you out.

Things to remember when riding dick:

1. You Betta Work… Out!

Getting on top can be great full body workout, so be sure to take advantage of the different muscle groups you can put to work. Riding can help strengthen your thighs and bum, while laying chest to chest and lifting your hips up and down can be a great ab workout. Lean backward and hold yourself up with your arms. You’ll be strengthening your traps and biceps with each dip.

2. Don’t be a one trick pony.

There is so much more to getting on top than the traditional cowgirl riding, and no, reverse cowgirl doesn’t count. Try different cadences, patterns, and movements like bouncing and grinding. Keep up the variation in pace and intensity so things stay exciting and fresh. Keep him on his toes until the last stroke. Finish Him!

3. While you ride, Let him explore.

You can have many more spots pleasured at once. Girl on top leaves your entire body wide open. Breast stimulation is as simple as placing his hand where you want them, and your clitoris is in the perfect position to create friction in the best way. You are in control here, ask for what you want and do not be shy about explaining exactly what you would like done to you.

4. Take a break! But don’t stop the fun.

Tired? Don’t tap out. Put him to work boo!  When you have been at it for a while, its best to take a rest and then get back to business. This will help you build stamina over time and also give him a chance to take charge. Place his hands on each of your hips and hinge yourself to lay on his chest. Encourage him to thrust into you how he likes while you lay. This is the perfect time to catch your breath and regain your strength. Once you’re all recovered, sit up and take the lead.
Thats all for now. Happy riding.

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