Vaginal Dilators – Your Questions Answered

You may have seen one before and thought it was a really weird dildo. Don’t worry, I’ve been there.  Im talking about vaginal dilators and its time more people did. They are very useful for a myriad of reasons. In the hopes of spreading the news so that someone in need can be helped out, I’ve answered a few questions about dilators so you don’t even have to ask. Your welcome.

What is a vaginal dilator?

A vaginal dilator is a tool used for a number of sexual health issues. They can be plastic, silicone or made from other vaginal safe materials. Vaginal dilators usually come in a set in sizes that incrementally increase to be used over time, however that is not always the case. They have been around for many many years and are still a tried and true approach to correcting and preventing a myriad of vaginal issues to this very day.

What is a vagina dilator used for? 

Vaginal dilators are great in a vast amount of situations. Most commonly it is used to treat anxiety or mental blocks involving being penetrated. Women who may have experienced sexual trauma, guilt, shaming or simply have a string fear of penetration can tend to develop Vaginismus. This disorder can cause extreme muscle tension, making it nearly impossible to insert even the smallest object. Dilators help women overcome this fear over time by allowing them to take control of what is inserted into them, and learning there is nothing to fear.
Another use, can be for women who were not born with a vagina. Believe it or not, not all women are born with a functional vagina. Dilators can help increase the size of the small opening or space that is in place of the vagina. Over time, the area may be stretched out enough for regular intercourse. This isn’t a permanent solution however, the dilators would need to be continually used in order to keep the space large enough for intercourse.
It can also be used for women who are undergoing radiation in that area. This can help prevent the development of scar tissue.
Women undergoing vaginal reconstruction can benefit from dilators as well, depending on the skin used in the grafts during reconstruction.

What should people expect from using them? 

You should expect slow results, this is not something that happens overnight. Think of it like working out or braces, if you are consistent and persistent, you will see improvements over time. You may not see the changes on a day to day basis, but over a long period you will be able to look back and see your growth. It’s important that you follow the recommended schedule given to you. Even if you become discouraged, it is important to stick to the plan. Just like exercising, if you stop, you will lose your progress.

What tips do you have more making this as NOT clinical and painful as possible! 

Depending on the reason you are using the dilators, there are ways to make this whole thing a lot more fun. If you are using them to overcome the fear of penetration, you can attempt to use them after masturbation, when your vagina is more relaxed, endorphins are sent to the area and you are more naturally lubricated. Ideally you want to make positive associations with the dilators and in time, a positive association with being penetrated.Be patient with yourself and do not give up altogether. If things get a bit frustrating, come back to it later. If you are using dilators for reconstruction or creation of a vagina, try to insert after a bath and your favorite book or wine.

Can people just go out and buy them? Or do you really recommend someone talks to a pelvic floor or sex therapist first? 

It is important to talk to a doctor or therapist and not self diagnose. If you are having vaginal issues, it may be something serious and time sensitive. A qualified specialist will be able to properly diagnose you. They are great at catching other disorders or problems you may miss. Additionally, a specialist will know the proper formula for the quickest and most effective treatment. Your vagina deserves as much respect as any other part of your body if not more. Please get proper care for it.

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