Pleasure Expert Shani Hart Is The Queen Of Sex Toys


As you may know, while stuck in quarantine, a few of your favorite sexperts banned together to bring you Sex Love Con,  . Sex Love Con is a free 2-day virtual conference with a line-up of educated, professional black Sexperts, Relationship Coaches, Counselors and Mental Health Providers.

On the list of things to talk about, were starting off with Sex Toys, a workshop lead by the fun and frisky Shani Hart.

We were overly excited to interview her and share a look inside her world.

Speaker Interview: Shani Hart

So, tell us about yourself and what it is you do.

I am a certified sexuality coach, sex educator and co-owner of Hart’s Desires, a premiere erotic boutique company for the sexually unleashed—or those who secretly want to be. But really, I am a sexual rule breaker. A relationship healer who reconnects couples in the bedroom and beyond. And a transformational teacher who is leading a revolution to empower women everywhere to take control of their orgasms—and their lives.

What inspired you to get started in your field?

My husband actually started Hart’s Desires before we met. While dating I would pop up to his store and check on things. I had to see what was the goings on!!! lol Eventually he started putting me to work and I fell in love with talking about sexuality and later went back to school to be certified in Sex Education.

What are some insights you learned when you started your business?

The most important insights I learned is that you will fail, but you have to try and learn from those failures, pivot and try again. Be yourself, can’t nobody do you like you. Lastly, it gets hard doing everything by yourself. Build a team.

What’s the biggest problem women don’t know they have?

Women don’t know they have a problem prioritizing thier pleasure. We’re so used to putting our partner’s needs first, prioritizing our own needs can be a foreign concept.

What makes you smile when you think of what you offer your customers and clients?

It makes me smile when I’m educating a woman on pleasure and I see that “lightbulb” moment. That point that she’s finally confident about exploring her pleasure with a partner or by herself.

What is your worst horror story in business?

I think that my worst horror story from now on will have to be this current time. I’ll always look back and remember that time when both of our retail stores were forced to close.

Keep Up With Shani Here :, IG @sexstuffwithshani

Be sure to check out her talk “Sex Toy!” Thursday at 3:00pm Thursday at Sex Love Con!

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