Nikki Jackson Is Transforming Lives One Woman At A Time At This Years Sex Love Con


Quarantined? It’s a great time for personal development. We have put together Sex Love Con,  a free 2-day virtual conference with a line-up of educated, professional black Sexperts, Relationship Coaches, Counselors and Mental Health Providers.

What are we talking about? Sex, Love and Relationships. Its time to get our lives together ladies.

Our conference’s mission and melanin is highly reflected in the line-up of speakers, presentations and live Q&A sessions. Among the many presenters is Life Coach Nikki Jackson.

We had the pleasure of getting to know her a little better and learning the story behind her talks.

Speaker Spotlight: Coach Nikki J

Nikki J is a Certified Life Coach, she specializes in dedicating her time to helping others overcome obstacles in their lives, especially those around relationships and finances. She is devoted to creating a safe space for women to “Get Their Shit Together” and look good while doing it, Which is also the topic of her talk at this years convention.

Where Her Drive Began

“I was one of those women who was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I wanted more for myself and I knew I deserved more.” says Coach Nikki J.She feels one of the biggest problems women have without even realizing it, is knowing their true worth.

“A lot of women will constantly accept discounts when they should be valued as full price all the time. I hit rock bottom 2x and when I got back up changed the game for not only myself but for others who I seen taking the same route I was on.” Coach Nikki J added.

Passionate about helping women transform their lives from the inside out. She believes that we can truly create the unapologetic life we want if we are willing to grow. Growing from the inside out will help them overcome the feelings of unworthiness and the self-sabotage. Nikki guides women as they rediscover their true, authentic, and powerful selves so that they can find fulfillment and meaning in this thing called Life.
Be sure to check out her talk “Girl Get It Together” Thursday at 11:30 am at Sex Love Con!
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