Shelborne South Beach – Miami’s Perfect Millennial Resort


The Shelborne on Miami’s South Beach is the perfect place for the millennial who wants to feel “young and fun” without actually being around the “young”.

This spring break I was invited to Miami by a friend. Usually, there is no way you can get me to go to Miami during spring break. Its loud, its crowded and its a bit extra ( definitely not my scene, I like to lay and relax) but since I hadn’t seen her since the quarantine, I was down.

While looking for places to stay, I found The Shelborne. Honestly I was blown away by how perfect it was for people like me. Here are a few of the reasons The Shelborne is the perfect spot for Millennials who want to chill in luxury, have fine dining and be on the scene without having to leave their resort.

To sum it up, I made a Tik Tok ( Because I can show you better than I can tell you)

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In no particular order:

Breakfast Is Delicious

I absolutely loved having breakfast at the hotel poolside. The restaurant is an actual restaurant, and not one of those buffet style breakfasts. 

Because I was there for 5 days I was able to try quite a few things. I highly recommend the Salmon Benedict, and the Nutella waffles. Both are extremely yummy and filling. If you get the free breakfast that comes along with your room as I did, you can only order the American breakfast (pictured here) or oatmeal and fruit. The American breakfast is amazing! I do think I would get tired of it daily however, so keep in mind you may end up ordering something else a few days.

Biggest Highlight: Not having to leave to eat a great breakfast with scenery.


The Entire Resort Is Instagram Worthy

Seriously, whoever designed this place had social media in mind. There are numerous places to take a selfie or even set up a tripod for a mini shoot. They even go all out with the perfect frames, polished off with neon signs of “Beach Please” and “Pursue Happiness”. Of course we took a few shots in the many locations, including a giant chess board on the lawn in the beautiful beer garden. 

Biggest Highlight : There are so many different types of scenery to choose from, so every day can have new backdrop without leaving the resort.

They Actually Craft Drinks From Scratch

One of my biggest pet peeves at resorts is drinks made from mix, no real fruit and way too much sugar. I was happy to find that at the Shelborne they used real fruit and blenders. At my current age (past 30) I don’t handle sugary drinks well and I like to avoid the headache and hangover after. While there were of course your usual frozens, I enjoyed the extensive signature cocktail menu. My drinks even came with flowers and other ornate details inside. The waitstaff by the pool are attentive and gorgeous. With a price range from about $15-$20 you’re looking at your typical drink prices for the location.

Biggest Highlight : Being able to charge my drinks onto my room during my stay. No need to bring down your wallet, leave it in the room and relax.

The Pool Is The Scene Your’e Looking For

The pool is everything! It is insta-worthy, it is warm and cool! Its is refreshing! It is NOT filled with children and the guests are chill and posh. This is not your yelling screaming cannonball hotel pool. I enjoyed the music bumping in the background by day and the pop up parties on the weekend. I wore my usual cheeky bottoms (ok thong bottoms) and fit right in with the rest of the beautiful women sunbathing in their own. The pool is very large with a waterfall feature. There were plenty of lounge chairs, a sunroof, and even cabanas for rent with daybeds, personal service and a bathroom. Pretty Swanky!

Biggest Highlight: The hot tub easily fits 8-10 people with plenty of space. Perfect for meeting new people and mingling.

Its Right On The Beach!

Did I mention this resort is directly on the beach. This is a major plus for the person who truly wants to see the beach and have fun, but doesn’t want to actually have to pack up and go to the beach. I also am not a fan of public access beaches. I love that there is drink service, lounge chairs, beach clams and more right on the shore for guests. being beachfront also means you get sounds of the ocean all night.

Biggest Highlight : Watching the sunrise over the ocean each morning from my oceanfront balcony.


The Oceanfront Balcony Room- Get It

I sprung for the oceanfront with a balcony. It did NOT disappoint. Each morning I was able to watch the sun rise and experience the beauty of the sunset from the comfort of my room. The room comes with robes and slippers, which made for a nice evening snuggle outfit with my husband as we ordered room service and drank wine from the bar downstairs. The king bed was extremely comfy and the sheets felt royal. If your’e thinking about getting it, just go for it. I wish we could have stayed longer, the views from the room were remarkable.

Heres a view of the sunrise.



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