Mars and Mercury Retrograde Have Been Serving The Heat.


Mercury and Mars went retrograde in the last quarter of 2022 causing a disruption in the way we execute communication. Having frustrating or gossipy communications? The current astrological placements of Mars in Gemini and Mercury may be the cause. Gemini is the social sign that loves conversation and debate. Mars the warrior planet representing aggression, anger, and war in Gemini may cause debates and conversations to have a more aggressive tone. Mercury ruling the mind and communication in retrograde causes verbal misunderstandings. During this time you may have experienced sharp tongues and a clashing of words. Both of these planetary alignments are bringing the heat for uncomfortable communications.

Tensions will begin cooling as both Mars and Mercury go direct mid January. When the planets go direct you will notice the flow of communications and information returning to normal. Giving room for the shadow period, communications should feel much better by Feb 8, 2023. In the meantime there are things we can do to keep the peace until these transits and shadow period end.

Tips For Mercury & Mars Retrograde

  1. Take a pause for deep breaths when feeling triggered. Ask yourself if this worth your energy. Communications with family and friends may be difficult. You may find yourself super irritated. Remember that it’s okay to take a break from people and for yourself. Give yourself the gift of grace.
  2. Feeling the need to vent? Spend the time journaling instead. Give yourself the freedom to get it out without a filter and without judgement or potentially ruining relationships. Remember as you are feeling the impact others will be too. Lighten the tensions by going within.
  3. Learn and practice conflict resolution, boundary settings. Some situations you will not be able to avoid. This is the perfect time to practice listening to your inner voice and saying no. Choose to be your most authentic self in a way that keeps the end goal in mind.
  4. Follow your curiosity, ask questions and explore. The retrograde shadow of Gemini will give new inspirations of things to explore. Acting on the impulse will allow you bring new adventures. Get out of your head and enjoy your explorations.

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