This App Stops Dick Pics From Hitting Your DM’s


Dick Pics. No one wants them but for some reason they keep coming anyway. I have no clue who told men we wanted to see their members but I would like to have a few choice words with them. It’s everywhere. Facebook DM’s , Instagram DM’s Linkedin Dm’s. It’s pure madness.

It’s never anyone you would want to send you a penis picture either. It is usually some really old socially awkward guy from India. Or worse, the overly confident douche who feels no woman would ever dare turn him down. We all knows what happens when you do.

If you have ever wished there was a magic algorithm to make them disappear before your eyes suffer, you are in luck! Now there is a dating app that can stop dick pics in their tracks.

KinkD Is Saving Us From Dick Pics

Finally someone has started a more than valiant effort to tackle this issue.  KinkD, a pretty dope dating app featuring subcultures of BDSM, fetishes & kinks, now has AI-powered image recognition technology to keep that creepy dude from sending his peter without permission. Let us all rejoice.

Don’t Mess With Texas!

This genius functionality was designed to in response to a new and beautiful law in the great state of Texas. This law rightfully criminalizes unsolicited lewd photos. The new law went into effect on September 1, 2019, and the violator will be punished by a fine up to $500.

“The new Texas law has raised our concern about safety of female users, that’s why we ran a survey, sampling 2000 women on our app. The results showed that almost 90% of the respondents have, at some point in their lives, received at least one unwanted sexual picture,” said John Martinuk, the co-founder of KinkD app.

“I think, these worrying statistics just back the assumption – women are prone to be the subjects of aggressive sexualization.”

Its An Automatic Cock Blocker

According to the KinkD tech team, the AI system will automatically detect the nudity of any photo based on its algorithm. If a user tries to send a nude selfie to someone through the chat platform, the photo will be removed automatically and the system will inform the user of the removal immediately.

“We want to create a safe environment, not only for female users to avoid sexual harassment, but also to help all users on KinkD to keep the law,” said John Martinuk.

Thats A Whole Bunch Of Nude

Already, the app has seen the power of the algorithm. The KinkD team did some Alpha testing on a random selection of 10% of its users. During the test, the algorithm behind it removed almost 200 nudes everyday. Let’s just day its caught all the nudes. For only 10 percent of its users, thats quite a bit. Proof that this is a problem that needed tending to.

This final version of the AI system was officially launched on Feb 23, 2020. It now removes about 2500 nude photos every day. Seriously guys, stop sending them.

“The whole team is striving for further improvements, hopefully, it can give us a glimmer of hope for the online dating world again,” said John Martinuk.

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