6 Tips For Keeping Your Man Happy


What can I do to keep my man happy? Im not sure who wanted to know, but I am glad you sent in this request. By doing so, you are about to help out the women who never thought to stop and ask. There have been many failed relationships due to the fact a woman has yielded to ask this question. The time has come for you all to get the answers straight from the horses mouth.

Protect his feelings and emotions

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Believe it or not our feelings and happiness matter just as much as yours. Men tend to get a bad rap for not having true emotions. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our emotions are very intense. This is why we react so strongly to certain situations.

With that being said, be mindful of your mans feeling. Take into consideration how your actions will affect him. I believe women sometimes fail to realize that certain things they do can push a man away and decrease our happiness in a relationship or marriage.

Key Tip: Do not allow yourself to hurt his feelings. If you do, apologize. The golden rule applies to relationships too.


Allow him to express himself

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A woman who knows how to ask a man the right questions in the right way is ahead of the game. It is important for us to be able to express ourselves. Sometimes we want to be heard. Because of society and how men in America are often raised, this can be difficult for us.

We would love to be able to be vulnerable and feel safe with our partners. Asking the right questions and drawing out our feelings make us feel safe to freely share. Being in a relationship where you feel safe to express yourself freely is a beautiful thing.

Key Tip: Try asking about your man’s feelings. “Use phases like, how do you feel about that?” and “How are you feeling?”, instead of a simple how was your day?

Men like to feel special too.

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Surprises! We like surprises.  When I say this I don’t mean just sexual. Think outside the box. Don’t know where to start? Pay attention to how we talk about certain subjects. Women are great at watching and taking notes.  The same skills you use to help you find out if your man is cheating can be used to get to know us deeper. Besides black men don’t cheat.

Key Tip: Try surprising him with a new experience. If you know he is interested in a subject, find and event or convention centered around it. Buy him tickets. Men like treats too.

Leave time for his peace

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Know when to let us have space. Especially when we come in from work. We do care about your day. Your concerns and feelings are important to us. However, there is a time and a place for everything.

Nobody, and I mean nobody wants to be nagged or questioned as soon as they come in from work. Have at least 30 minutes of quality couple time. Talk about positive things. Share your day as well, just leave out the heavy stuff until later. Allow him to come home to peace.

Love his momma too!

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Be good friends with our momma, might sound funny but it’s something to think about. If our mom don’t like you we will forever hear her voice in the back of our head “You need to leave that girl alone.”…Momma knows best.

Speak life and positivity over him

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This might be the most important one; Pray! If a man finds a woman that prays for him or speaks positive words in his life, he will recognize it. More importantly he will appreciate it! Women have a way of making man feel higher than or lower than low. “Life and death is in the power of the tongue.” -Chase, out.

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  1. Andria 1 March, 2020 at 10:20 Reply

    I find most of article has some truth to it. With that being stated though, I’ve been married nearly 30 years and from the beginning of the relationship and then marriage, I was friendly and receptive with my in-laws, especially my husband’s mother. Twenty-nine years later and the relationship hasn’t evolved on any level! If I must be frank, I’m ok with it now…it is what it is!!! Black men, like any other race of people CAN and SOME do cheat!! (Really Chase??)

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