5 Reasons Your Vagina May be Itching (That Aren’t Infections)


Not all vaginal itch is created equal. Just because you are scratching your vagina more than the casual quick hit, doesn’t mean it’s serious. We’ve all been there at least once in our lives, but when its our vagina we take a little more notice. Don’t break out the Vagasil just yet. Vaginal itching can be contributed to several different factors. Let’s go through a few caused to help you identify which ones may be the root of your problem.

Wash Yourself, And Your Vagina

First, vaginal itching can be caused by improper hygiene. Im not speaking of lack of bathing. At this point, let’s assume you bathe regularly. It may not be how frequently you bathe. It may very well be your technique.

I know what you’re thinking. No woman wants to be told that they are not bathing properly, but a skimping on a few steps in the cleansing process could leave you in an uncomfortable situation. You should be using a clean towel each time you clean your pubic area. In fact, its not a bad idea to have a towel solely for vaginal use.

Another thing to take note of is your wiping flow. After urinating, you probably know to wipe from front to back. While bathing, you should use the same method to prevent transfer of rectal bacteria to your vagina. Bacteria can live in crevices and travel into your vagina even after your done sudsing. For best practices, simply keep those two areas separate.

Your Soap May Be A Problem

Lack of properly washing rinsing or drying after a bath can cause skin irritation. The chemicals utilized in a lot of the fragrance soap that we all love can be very strong. A harsh soap can irritate your vagina. You may even feel a burning sensation. Try to use soaps that are made for your vagina. These soaps are good for maintaining a great PH. They can also help you rebuild the good bacteria in your vagina. Not all soaps are meant for all places. You wouldn’t wash your vagina with shampoo, would you?

Too Many Bath Bombs

Additionally, keep in mind that bath bombs too can be a problem. These are meant to be treats. Use them sparingly. Most are made with salts, artificial scents and essential oils.These are not particularly good for your lady parts, especially in high doses. Just because it smells good does it mean it is good for you.

Your Vagina Cant Breathe

If you’re in underwear that is not breathable, like silk or pants that are too tight you could be asking for trouble.  Wearing things that do not allow air to circulate could cause you develop a yeast infection but also simple irritation. Your vagina needs plenty of ventilation and cool air to be happy. Bacteria love dark, warm, moist places to grow. Don’t give bacteria a comfortable home in your pants.

Instead, be sure to keep the fancy panties for short time periods only. Wear your size pants. If your vagina is becoming overheated due to lack of air, change your clothing. Seems simple, but here we are.

You Let Sweat Dry On Your Vagina

When working out, or even just a hot day in the summer be sure to find light weight, breathable material. Do not spend extended amounts of time in your clothes after you have sweat. We have all started to feel the crevices of our pubic area begin to leak. It’s not a fun feeling. If you feel this, that means you need to clean it up. Do not let it clear up on it’s own. Shower as soon as possible. If a shower is more than 15 minutes away, do a quick wash in the bathroom. There are plenty of commercial on the go wipes. Another important tip is bring a change of clothing.

Under normal circumstances, once you identify and resolve the issue things should return to normal fairly quickly. If the itching is severe, or persists for more than a few days, you should see your medical professional. Prolonged itching that occurs with vaginal swelling or redness, difficulty urinating, painful sexual intercourse, or abnormal vaginal discharge could indicate an infection or complication.

So see your doctor, but first… check this list.

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