Tyra Banks Is Letting Us All Live Out Our Modeling Dreams At ModelLand


Tyra Banks, has brought us Model Land, and today the advance tickets go on sale.

This is not a drill ladies. ModelLand is a real thing, featuring fashion AND beauty, photoshoots AND runways, shopping AND theatre…AND most importantly, YOU.

The mega successful supermodel who made us feel beautiful as little black girls is now letting us live out our modeling dreams for a day as beautiful black women.

Looks Like Were Going To Cali

The 21,000 square foot, multi-level attraction’s home is Santa Monica Place, in Santa Monica California. It was created as the ultimate modeling fantasy. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to walk the runway like Ty. ModelLand combines the all of the glitz and glamour of America’s Next Top Model, with the whimsy of Willy Wonka, and the magic of Disneyland. Tyra has found a way to make both fashion & beauty a fun, theatrical, and empowering experience for us. Infused with breakthrough empowerment and ideologies of self love, you can tell she is redefining the meaning of “model”.

“I believe all shapes AND all sizes AND all ages AND all shades deserve to feel beautiful, powerful, and be the fantasy versions of themselves. ModelLand is not just an attraction. It’s a place full of story that challenges what ‘attractive’ means”, says Banks.

Banks continues, “When you step into ModelLand, you enter a fantastical world where we celebrate YOUR uniqueness while we help you master your angles and up your photo game. YOU are ModelLand’s star. Our cameras are waiting for you.”

It’s A Self Discovery Experience

ModelLand’s magical entrance. Enter to experience the fantasy version of yourself. Tickets Now on Sale.

This magical place of teenage dreams has taken over a decade to come to fruition.  ModelLand will awaken your inner diva and nostalgic love by entertaining and educating in unexpected ways. You won’t jus be learning about the modeling world You will also find yourself learning about YOU in a fierce and fun way.

No two visits will ever be the same.  Grab your girls and make it a girls trip. Each one of you will each have your own unique experiences. Of course in true Model form there will be plenty of opportunities for dropping all the coins on shopping throughout your ModelLand journey. If you think this is a one and done you’re mistaken. ModelLand is a place you will want to indulge in more than once. The attraction will transform with rotating shows and themes to keep you coming back time and time again.

Here’s some of what to expect at ModelLand:


  • Each visitor will receive their own personalized digital lookbook, customized with phierce photos of them taken by ModelLand’s professional cameras. #NotSelfies
  • Every photo opp, every camera angle, and every lighting set-up has been produced by Banks and her preeminent photography team, which includes world-class technologists.
  • ModelLand photos include customized lighting, some of which changes to complement each guest’s individual skin tone and features.


Visitors can also expect interactive storytelling and surprise performances to further enhance their one-of-a-kind experience.

  • ModelLand’s talented cast of performers have worked with artists such as Kanye West, Beyoncé and Justin Bieber.
  • The ModelLand journey is deepened with an original musical score that takes guests on an emotional journey featuring the original song T.O.O.K.I.E & B.R.A.V.O., the singing and co-songwriting debut of today’s hottest male model, Alton Mason.


Everyone that enters ModelLand’s doors is automatically in the running to be discovered by the ModelLand Discovery Society, who constantly scan the attraction for beauties of all shapes, sizes, ages, and shades. From toddlers to grandparent squads, six packs to dad bods, teens, moms and beyond, ModelLand wants YOU!  At ModelLand, every hallway is a runway, even when you think no one is watching.  AND, you never know when Tyra herself will personally discover YOU there!

The Luxurious FANTASCENE Lounge in ModelLand where guests will glam for custom, couture photoshoots. Tickets Now on Sale.

Each week, during the month of May at ModelLand, unique beauties from Moms, DadsTeens 16+, and Age Aint Nothing But A Number categories will be chosen by Tyra to star in a professional next-level cosmetics campaign. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that no one will not want to miss. Tickets for May will sell fast, so don’t wait to book.

There are three tiers of tickets at ModelLand:


ModelLand will feature a GENERAL ACCESS ticket that whisks you away into the world of fantasy and phierceness, and a super boost of self-love. You will learn how to take industry quality photos and leave with your own digital lookbook. Every time you return to ModelLand, you will create a new lookbook to add to your collection. Don’t worry, ModelLand also offers posing tips and tricks from Tyra herself that will help you take your photos to the next level.


In addition to everything that GENERAL ACCESS offers, FANTASCENE PHOTOSHOOTS invites you to star in a custom high fashion photo shoot in ModelLand’s luxurious grand lounge. This includes a makeover look complete with dream-worthy makeup, hair and wardrobe styling from professional artists, a photo studio session with photographer, and access to limited edition products exclusively curated for the FANTASCENE.


Experience your photoshoot in first class. In addition to all that the GENERAL ACCESS and the FANTASCENE PHOTOSHOOT offer, this elevated experience starts before you even arrive to ModelLand with a personal consultation with a ModelLand fashion and beauty expert to customize your fantasy photoshoot look from H2T (head to toe). This elevated experience includes additional couture styling and wardrobe changes, more magazine cover-worthy photos, a model goodie gift bag, a luxurious ModelLand robe, and a custom, curated artful ‘photo grid’ made specifically for your social media account.


ModelLand offers annual memberships where you can be part of our exclusive Model Squads and return to ModelLand again and again for new fashionable adventures. Two memberships are so exclusive, one must inquire with ModelLand’s concierge.


ModelLand will produce a bevy of distinctive events. Additionally, ModelLand can be reserved for private parties, corporate events, or other special occasions. For more information on events, please visit www.model-land.com.


Steps from the world-famous Santa Monica Pier, ModelLand is located at Macerich’s Santa Monica Place, the open-air shopping, dining and entertainment destination in Santa Monica, California.

Tickets are available now at www.model-land.com.

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