Lesibu Grand Takes Us On A Dreamlike Journey Through Black History In New Video – Mi Sueño


Another artistic win from Atlanta, Lesibu Grand has created an experience in their latest video that transforms. Mi Sueño my dream’ in English—is an enchanting and immersive tune with a mesmerizing visual that is a must see.

The video shows how a Tyler-Simone Molton, the face of the band, relates to her own Black History as a young black woman, from Africa to Atlanta, in her own music, films, and dreams.

“With the video, I ask the viewer to imagine what thier dreams — large and small, collective and personal, woke and sleeping — might have been,” says Molton.

Wow, did she accomplish what she set out to create. From the moment I pressed play it was as if I truly could imagine what being inside her mind is like. What’s more interesting is how she intertwined her reality with what she imagines would have been her ancestors true reality. It is an ode to our history with beauty and dignity. Lesibu Grand

“Dreams have long been a central theme in the African-American experience. Expressed most famously by Martin Luther King Jr. in his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech, dreams of freedom, equality, fairness and salvation are what held African American people together during the most difficult experiences imaginable. The collective dream of oppressed people.”

The Tyler-Simone Molton is just one half of the greatness that is Lesibu Grand. Her band-mate John Renaud round out the sound and vibe with his own artistic flare.

It was magic waiting on fate.

The origin of Lesibu Grand (pronounced Le-SEE-boo Grand) can be pinpointed with unusual accuracy: June 28, 2017, when Tyler-Simone Molton bumped into John Renaud at the Pains of Being Pure at Heart show at The Earl in East Atlanta.

The two had been acquaintances, but until that moment didn’t realize how much they shared in common

Shortly after a chance encounter, the two sunk deeply into an unexpected songwriting frenzy. Completing each other’s thoughts and phrases, the two wrote an entire album’s worth of original compositions in just over a month

Deep Rooted In Africa

The band takes its name from Tyler-Simone’s middle name given to her by her maternal grandfather, who immigrated from South Africa.

While Molton’s grandfather was from (& ultimately murdered in) from Africa, Tyler-Simone grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, a somewhat conventional-looking place with a surprising degree of creative vitality.

There, Tyler-Simone was exposed to a great variety of musical genres. Like everyone else, she loved the local hip-hop heroes like Outkast, Eryka BaduLil Wayne, but also hung out with punks, metalheads, and indie kids But also Talking Heads, Blondie, The Clash, and 90s rockers Green Day, and Nirvana. She did not cling to one genre as her identity.

This can be seen through the theme of the music as well as the visual components. It is nice to have a bit of reprise from your typical Atlanta sound and feel. A breath of fresh air. You have to see it for yourself.

Lesibu Grand’s debut LP is out now.

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