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Luxxxe Mag's 2020 Virtual Sexuality and Intimacy Conference Celebrating Sexual Inclusiveness

Sex Love Con is a conference with the mission on educating, empowering and improving the lives of women through transformational and inspiring stories, workshops, panels and performances.

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Thursday, 26 March, 2020

Conference Kick Off Main Stream Everyone
Girl! Get it Together! - A Pep Talk For Tired Women Main Stream Everyone
  • Nikki Jackson
    Nikki Jackson
    Life Coack
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Owning Your Orgasm Sed Ex Stream Women
  • Myi Matthews
    Myi Matthews
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Mental Health Check In- Toxic Relationships Main Stream Everyone
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Your Vagina Explained Sex Ed Stream Women
  • Kreshonda Armstrong
    Kreshonda Armstrong
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Lunch break
Sex Toys and Touches Main Stream Everyone

Let's talk about Sex Toys! Adding toys to your sexy time can provide
some unexpected and new-found experiences - either solo or with a
partner. With so many options on the market it can get very confusing.
This session will explain what's the difference between a dildo and a
vibrator? What's safe for butt play? Does it really matter if my toy
is made of silicone? We'll talk about all of these things and more!
Have your questions ready, Shani is answering them live at the end of
the session!

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Questions You Couldn't Ask Your Mother Main Stream Everyone

Join us for a Live Q&A with Sexpert Ashley Cobb. 

This event is recorded with a live virtual audience. Want to make sure your question is asked? You can also leave questions anonymously here:

Ask A Question


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Flawless Femininity Main Stream Women
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Maintain A Healthy Sex Life After Sexual Abuse Main Stream Everyone
Panel - Sex In Marriage Main Stream Everyone
  • Jennifer Allen

Learn what keeps the fire burning in marriage. We sit down with 3 couples who have quite the interesting take on Sex in Marriage.

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If God Created My Clitoris: Exploring How Sexual Shame Wasn’t God’s Idea Main Stream Everyone

Christianity often gets a bad reputation for being sex negative and shame inducing. This talk is designed to empower individuals by offering building blocks necessary to do the work to resist the systemic teachings that perpetuate oppressive narratives, reclaim their human right to bodily autonomy that is granted by the sacred text, and redefine their future outlook regarding the discovery, embracing and navigation of their sexual selves that does not compromise their values. 

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Ask Me Anything - Im a Polyamorous Woman Sex Ed Stream Everyone
Sexpert Conversations Sexpert Stream Sex Educators Only

Registered Sex Educators: Use the link in your email to join in on a group discussion led by our panel of esteemed and experienced industry professionals.

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End Of Day

Friday, 27 March 2020

Intimacy Beyond The Bedroom Main Stream Everyone

 Making Love Better TwoGether- The Art of Intimacy
       Have you ever wondered how intimate your relationship could be?
       Join us for the adult conversation as we discuss the many ways of
       Stimulating the senses, Intimacy Myths, Foreplay, How to Add, Maintian,
       Create and Repairing Intimacy, Spontaneity and Spice within a relationship/marriage 

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Panel - Alternative Sex Lifestyles Sex Ed Stream Women
Lunch break
Sexpert Conversation Main Stream Sex Educators Only
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Manual Stimulation Techniques Sexpert Stream Everyone
Things You Should Stop Doing To Your Vagina Adult Stream Women
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Ask Me Anything- Im A Sexpert Sex Ed Stream Everyone
The Art Of Oral Sex Main Stream Everyone
Hey ladies who says that a blow job has to be a Job. Join your girl The CEO Hoe for a juicy interactive conversation on the art of oral pleasure. Learn some new tips and tricks to blow your man’s mind during or after this quarantine lockdown. 
During this workshop we will go over the start to finish of an amazing oral session; including activities for you to do from the comfort of home. We will discuss penis anatomy and the importance of hand jobs during your oral session.  Join Me to learn a few little tricks to pleasure his magic stick.
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Virtual End of Conference Party

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Your sexuality affects many aspects of your overall wellness. Join us in having your questions answered, your myths busted and your skills improved. Fun and free workshops provide the right environment for your personal evolution.

  • Performance Felatio and Cunnilingus Workshops
  • AMA Panels With Sex and Relationship Experts
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Workshops With Licensed Therapists

Sex and Intimacy Speakers

Shani Hart
Pleasure Expert / Relationship Strategist
Yanni Brown
Certified Relationship Educator

Mental and Sexual Health Speakers

Kreshonda Armstrong
Registered Nurse / Sex Educator
Eunice Blakely
Licensed Professional Counselor


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